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Cancer Program

The treatment of cancer requires the use of several approaches in combination. All of these therapies work for some people, but none of them work for everyone.

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Breast cancer

These treatments are safe and effective, and are oriented towards getting you healthy. They have few to no side effects. They do, however, require the investment of time and effort. This process will also require that you make changes in your life in order to eliminate the factors that resulted in the growth of the cancer.

I have listed below some of the therapies that could comprise a complete treatment program. In addition, we utilize the approach developed by Dr. Heinrich.

Each persons program will be designed for them after a consultation and physical exam. You will be given information on each of these treatments on separate papers, if you want to know more for men with fertility issues read more from https://www.semenaxdirect.com/volume-enhancer-faq.html .

  • 1. Ozone IV - twice a week
  • 2. UVB - use 1-2 times a week at same time as Ozone
  • 3. Vitamin C IV's as needed
  • 4. Nutritional Therapy - hair analysis or symptom survey to determine which nutrients are needed
  • 5. Ionized Oxygen - as often as possible
  • 6. Rife therapy - as often as possible
  • 7. Neural Therapy/SRT - the frequency will be determined at each session
  • 8. Energetic Treatment - Emotional Acupressure and/or CHRIS Technique. The frequency isdetermined at each session
  • 9. Essential Oils - do treatments 1-2 times a week
  • 10. Ozone Steam Detox: helps in a number of ways besides detox
  • 11. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: critical to reverse the lack of oxygen in the tissues
  • 12. Cellular Restoration Program: designed after initial consultation
  • 13. Colonics: excellent to help with detox
  • 14. Antioxidant IV: a critical therapy

Progress can be tracked with the usual modalities; MRI's, CT scans, etc. I also suggest the use of the AMAS for monitoring. This is a blood test that is very sensitive to the presence of cancer, and can detect it long before any other method.

Once you are clear of cancer, I suggest the AMAS be done at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months. I then recommend that it be done every year from then on.

Energetic Therapies

Energetic Therapies

The Center For Healing offers two approaches that help to deal with the energy system, especially as it pertains to one's emotional state. These are as follows:


CHRIS stands for Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System. Christine Schenk has developed this method. Christine is a gifted lady who has been working with energy and its application to healing for over 20 years, and has devoted herself to teaching others about its usage. The foundation of the CHRIS technique is that health is the result of the free flow of energy/communication between the physical and energetic bodies The therapy deals with the energy system of the body and how to integrate it into everyday life.

It assists each person to become aware of their own state of consciousness and how this affects their relationships with the world around them. These procedures allow unknown and suppressed information to become consciously elevated and incorporated into everyday understanding and action.

During this process persistent physical complaints or emotional states gain a new and deeper meaning, which allows one to heal and transform these conditions into a higher state of health and integration. One is then able to consciously control and steer ones perceptions and actions so that a true regeneration occurs.

As a result, one is able to obtain and implement new insights on how to cope with ones own life and relations with others. This is energy work in its purest form.


Our bodies have a significant electrical component. Western medicine takes advantage of this aspect through the measurement of heart and brain activity. Chinese medicine uses it for healing via the acupuncture meridians, mostly for physical problems. Recent discoveries have found that this approach can also be used for emotional responses.

The basic premise is that a traumatic event causes a disruption in the body's energy system, which then causes the negative emotion. This disruption can be treated by using techniques that are based on acupressure. It is painless, quick, side effect free, easy to do, and can usually be learned in one session

These therapies can be used individually or together, and I believe that the combination of the two provides a potent energetic healing process.

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